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Gulf Charter Sailing School provides globally recognized recreational International Yacht Training certification to all who have an interest in yacht sailing, chartering, racing and cruising. We offer three IYT certificate courses: International Crew, International Watchkeeper and International Bareboat Captain. Our regularly scheduled courses can be taken individually or together by enrolling in one of our Value Package programs (see below).

While some IYT courses may have the same syllabus headings, it is important to note that with all courses, the "depth of knowledge" increases as one progresses through the various modules. Select the Individual course, Value Package or Join-in Event which is right for you then take a look at our Pre-Scheduled Course dates and choose the dates that fit your schedule.

Please contact us directly if you are unsure as to which of our International Yacht Training courses or events is right for you. If you are having trouble fitting our prescheduled programs into your timeframe, please check with us as we occasionally run courses which are not listed on this site.

International Crew Certificate-IYT Modules 1-6

The Gulf Charter Sailing School International Crew course is an entry level training program for students with little or no experience on yachts. This course provides a solid foundation for beginning sailors to build on. We take a good look at yacht design, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems and the equipment necessary to take a boat to sea. Basic navigation, sailing theory and terminology, knot tying, ropework, sail handling, yacht safety and more. This is definitely a hands On course and a great way to learn the ropes.

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International Watchkeeper/Flotilla Skipper Certificate-IYT Modules 8-12...

Our International Watchkeeper course increases students knowledge of passage planning, charts and navigation aids, docking, anchoring, boat handling, collision regulations and first aid at sea. These theory and practical modules are aimed at developing a student’s nautical skills sufficiently to be a competent Watchkeeper on board a yacht or flotilla skipper in fair weather during daylight hours within sight of land.

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International Bareboat Captain Certificate-IYT Modules 14-17...

The skipper course focuses on seamanship skills, tides and currents, wind and weather, waves and storms and assuming responsibility for a yacht and her crew.. This is a certificate of excellence for those who wish to take command of their own yacht confidently and safely or for those who wish to safely charter a yacht for their family holiday. Candidates are required to have logged a total of 200 nautical miles and 10 days at sea before the final exam composed of both a theory and a practical on board evaluation which must be successfully completed before the Bareboat Captain Certificate is issued.

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IYT Small Powerboat & RIB Master Certificate course...

Gulf Charters Sailing School now offers the International Yacht Training (IYT) Small Powerboat and RIB Master Certificate course. This 2 day program is an excellent introduction to small boat handling, safety, navigation, weather and much more. The IYT certificate students receive after successful completion of this course allows operation of power driven craft up to 15 meters in length and up to 20 nautical miles offshore. The IYT certificate is recognized by more than 26 governments world-wide.

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Zero to Hero Program...

Our most popular package, the Gulf Charter Sailing School Zero to Hero program is designed to take students through all 3 of our IYT course offerings in a fast paced 15 Day Training Session which combines classroom theory, weather and navigation exercises, linehandling and ropework, marina docking and sailing drills, onboard yacht orientation, passage planning, live-aboard sailing experience and other sailing skill essentials. Students typically log over 300 nautical miles of hands-on sailing experience during the program. The full-time nature of the Zero to Hero program immerses students in the ways of ships and the sea and is a proven method of providing students with the knowledge and abilities they need to go sailing. At the end of your training session, you will be examined and evaluated to receive your IYT Bareboat Captain certificate.

The Zero to Hero package price includes onboard accommodation when at sea, all meals onboard, all yacht and instructor costs, all classroom materials, IYT Passport to Yachting/Logbook, IYT Registration and IYT Bareboat Captain Certificate upon course completion.

Crew , Watchkeeper, Captain Certificate Program

Students who sign up for the International Crew, Watchkeeper and Bareboat Captain course at the same time will receive a package discount. You may complete the courses by attending any 2 back to back training sessions or individual courses as they fit into your time frame . There is no time limit in completing the courses. Class space is subject to availability and the courses must be taken in order. There would be the opportunity to join in some sailing events between courses, but one advantage of this approach is that you would have time off between courses to explore Thailand a bit or go back to work or whatever.

This package price includes onboard accommodation when at sea, all meals onboard, all yacht and instructor costs, all classroom materials, IYT Passport to Yachting/Logbook, IYT Registration and IYT Crew, Watchkeeper, and Bareboat Captain Certificate upon course completion.

2 Back to Back Training Sessions...

Students who sign up for any 2 back to back training courses will receive a package discount from the individual course price. You can complete Crew and Watchkeeper or Watchkeeper and Bareboat Captain as the courses fit into your time frame.

This package price includes onboard accommodation when as sea, all meals onboard, all yacht and instructor costs, all classroom materials, IYT Passport to Yachting/Logbook, IYT Registration and IYT Crew, Watchkeeper, and Bareboat Captain Certificate upon course completion.

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New course Structure for 2017

As of January 2017 the IYT course structure no longer includes the Watchkeeper course. Instead, the Crew and Bareboat Skipper courses have been expanded to include this content.

Laemchabang Port
In and around Laemchabang Port, Ko Si Chang in the background
Ko Chang Ao Salakpet
Big sky, from our base at Ko Chang, taken by Royal Siam View Photographer.
Ko Mak resort
Ko Mak Coco Beach Resort, pretty cool bungalows, sent by "Capt.(IYT) Steve".
Lunch on board
These guys obviously passed the galley and food prep part of the training course.
Ocean Marina classroom
Our class room at our Ocean Marina base
capt. hooks Beach
Walking back to Captain Hooks Resort on Koh Kut for Dinner
Weekend yacht racing
Students gettting to it on the Platu 25ft sports yacht at our monthly yacht racing events
Sunset at Ko Kut
Sunsets sunsets sunsets...